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[:en]Fourteen students from Patton High School in Morganton, NC participated in a program in the Wilson Library’s Southern Historical Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill yesterday for the Museums Connect program.  They worked with materials from the antebellum period in the U.S. South and others from the Maya area, including drawings and photographs of Maya sites by 19th century explorers, diaries and letters documenting archaeological excavations at sites like Chichén Itzá in the 1920s, and newspapers published in Yucatán in the 1860s that speak to events in that area’s “Caste War,” as well as the U.S. Civil War. One group of students read a letter describing an archaeological reconnaissance of the Maya area with aviator Charles Lindbergh! They all commented on how amazing they found it that such documents and glimpses of everyday history were kept for posterity and that they had the opportunity to examine them first-hand.[:]

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