InHerit celebrates indigenous heritage through progressive collaborations that educate, conserve, and advocate for native languages, traditions, and rights to the past.


InHerit envisions a world in which respect for cultural diversity will create global equality.


Amplify the voice of indigenous communities
Encourage cultural survival through self-reliance
Harness the power of media and technology to further indigenous goals
Honor the world’s vibrant heritage
Cultivate cross-cultural collaboration
Reform school curricula to include native histories
Develop unique educational opportunities about local heritage
Advance global exchanges of knowledge about ancient and modern heritage
Build the capacity of indigenous individuals to manage heritage
Advocate on behalf of threatened heritage places and native languages and traditions
Increase public awareness about global threats to cultural heritage
Lead an alliance of communities, organizations, and experts working for heritage conservation
Work to keep sacred spaces sacred
Advance research in archaeological conservation and heritage rights
Support the development of indigenous archaeologists and heritage managers
Develop creative solutions to common obstacles facing indigenous communities around the world